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Living Your Best Life...in Space

Living Your Best Life in Space is an NGSS– and CCSS-aligned project-based learning unit focused on the science of space. NSCF contracted with premier space education provider DreamUp to develop this custom curriculum for the National STEM Scholar Program. Students address the driving question: “How can we design a product that will make us comfortable during our summer in space?”

Science Domains: Earth & Space Sciences

NGSS Standards: MS-ETS1-4, MS-PS2-2

Download Curriculum (ZIP)

NASA Jet Propulsion Lab

Multiple online classroom activities with the ability to sort by type, subject, grade, and topic. Visit STEM Lessons for Educators – NASA Jet Propulsion Laboratory for more information on the activities, workshops, and free resources available.

Expedition Space Lab

Provides easy online access to International Space Station National Lab (ISSNL) – related information, lessons, activities, and other resources for curriculum integration. Designed to help schools, museums, and other educational institutions incorporate “Space Labs” using resources from NASA and ISS National Lab Space Station Explorers (SSE) education partners. Expedition Space Lab

Space Station Explorers Lesson Plans

A community of educators, organizations and lifelong learners that make STEM fun and exciting through connections with the International Space Station National Lab (ISSNL). ISSNL collaborates with partner organizations to provide innovative programs and resources for K-12 students, educators, and the public, including opportunities to design experiments for space launch. SSE Lesson Plans

Space Station Explorers STEM Kit

Download six hands-on activities to introduce ISS core concepts. STEM kits provide a great space exploration entry point for students and educators. Space Station Explorers – STEM Guide

Exploration Generation (ExGen)

A collaboration between The American Institute of Aeronautics and Astronautics (AIAA), NSTA, and Estes Education offering FREE rocketry-themed lesson plans for middle school students. Engaging classroom-ready lessons and resources immerse students in real-life applications of STEM while exploring aerospace, engineering, and rocketry. Exploration Generation (ExGen)

Nautilus Live Ocean Exploration Trust Classroom Outreach

Nautilus Live Science Communication Fellows share accounts of ocean research, expedition operations, STEM careers, and daily life with audiences of all ages through live audio commentary on the Nautilus Live website and ship-to-shore outreach to classrooms and communities. Sign your classroom up for a live two-way Q&A with scientists, engineers, and educators at sea. These free 20 to 30-minute interactions with Exploration Vessel (E/V) Nautilus introduce students to ocean exploration and increase access to STEM career role models. Connections available daily from mid-March to mid-October. Nautilus Classroom Outreach