Erosion and Land Planning


Coding Ozobots and using stream tables to learn about the rock cycle and erosion.

Science Domains: Earth & Space Sciences

NGSS Standards: MS-ESS2-1, MS-ESS2-4, MS-ESS3-1

Project Poster

Download the project poster as a PDF. The project poster includes a description of the challenge, learning goals, and a list of materials and references.

Download The Poster (PDF)

Learning Objectives

With parent experts, students will code Ozobots and use stream tables to study the rock cycle and erosion, including human impact on erosion and methods being used to slow erosion. They will use iPads to create time-lapse videos that can be analyzed to create observable data and measurable data points.

Project Materials

  • Self-contained stream table
  • plastic media
  • Ozobots (3 additional bots to support rock cycle investigation)
  • 2 iPads mini or other