Water Quality and Fertilizer Use


Measuring the impact of agricultural fertilizers on a local watershed.

Science Domains: Earth & Space Sciences, Life Science

NGSS Standards: MS-ESS3-3, MS-ESS3-4, MS-LS1-5

Project Poster

Download the project poster as a PDF. The project poster includes a description of the challenge, learning goals, and a list of materials and references.

Download The Poster (PDF)

Learning Objectives

Students will study the lifecycle of soybeans to examine the environmental impact of agricultural fertilizer and nitrogen excess on the local watershed. By exploring variables in ecosystem dynamics, they will design interventions to reduce nitrogen waste while maintaining crop yields.

Project Materials

  • LED SunLite 3-Tier Grow Light
  • Vernier Nitrate Electrode
  • Vernier Soil Moisture Sensor
  • 100 Non-GMO Soybeans
  • Dwarf “Space Plant” Seeds
  • Soybean Science Kit
  • Introduction to Agronomy text