Wood Duck Habitat


Using Wood Ducks to study habitat management and wildlife interaction

Science Domains: Life Science

NGSS Standards: MS-LS1-5, MS-LS2-1, MS-LS2-4, MS-LS4-6

Project Poster

Download the project poster as a PDF. The project poster includes a description of the challenge, learning goals, and a list of materials and references.

Download The Poster (PDF)

Learning Objectives

Students will study habitat management and wildlife interaction, then use the iNaturalist app to conduct a longitudinal study of bird behavior and migration.  They will learn to record data and compute mathematical equations.

Project Materials

  • Woodlink Cedar Wood Duck House
  • Reolink Argus 2 with Solar Panel
  • Apple iPad Mini, 16GB, Space Gray
  • 4×4 green treated posts-10’ posts